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Mediterranean Fanworm
Freephone:0800 504 639
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Mediterranean Fanworm
The Mediterranean fanworm (Sabella Spallanzanii) is a marine animal which is a fouling pest typically found in estuaries or sheltered sites. It can form dense populations, potentially smothering other native marine species and altering underwater ecosystems.
Northland Regional Council are putting in place procedures to continue to keep this pest out of Northland waters. The legal requirements from the Northland Regional Council RPMS 2010-2015 states:
No person shall knowingly transport or release any marine pest.  Every person who sees any exclusion marine pest, or suspects the presence of any exclusion marine pest shall immediately report the sighting to the Northland Regional Council or the Ministry of Primary Industries.  A breach of these rules, without reasonable excuse, is an offence under Section 154(r) of the Act. 

The Biosecurity Act 1993 Section 46 declares that there is a duty to report notifiable organisms, Section 52 refers to not knowingly spreading any a pest or unwanted organism and even in section 53 against selling or propagating any.


Those who are found to be carriers will have to pay for the costs involved of haul out, removal and antifouling.  It is possible that they will be prosecuted only if they are found to have knowingly carried and not made a plan for removal.

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If you see this pest or suspect you may be carrying it please contact the Northland Regional Council immediately on 0800 504 639.



New Zealand weather forecasting
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New Zealand Weather

For reliable New Zealand weather forecasting, look at these websites. The New Zealand National Meteorological Service site at gives the expected weather and wind for today and tomorrow. Some areas also have a five day forecast. The University of Wellington site at has satellite and forecast charts. The weather radar and ocean charts are also very good.

Whangarei Marine Promotions
  09 438 2033
Contact:Brian Caulton
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Whangarei Marine Promotions has been established by local businesses to assist visiting yachts. Whangarei marine businesses belonging to the association have a proven track record of quality work and service. Brian Caulton (Chairperson) can answer your questions, advise you on local service providers, and assist with arbitration.

(09)  438 2033  Brian Caulton, Chairperson


For Information on the new bascule bridge please click here

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