Boat Shed

There is a 20 metre long by 10 meters wide and 8 meters high, fully enclosed boat shed available for hire. This is the perfect weather tight spot if you are wanting to undertake full restoration work including a new paint job, new decking etc. This shed has been used by many a boat builder since Riverside Drive Marina first opened its doors under the name of Orams Marine. The current rent of the shed is $70.00 per day excluding GST and power.



We also have a tent on site which can be used for all sorts of restoration work as well. The dimensions are 16 meters long by 8 meteres wide and 8 meters high. The added bonus of the tent is we can install a removable door which will make it weather tight for painting etc. The rental for the tent is $30.00 per day plus relative hardstand rate (excluding GST). This tent is in high demand so please get in touch early if you would like a booking.